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Hello, I sprained my ankle in January skateboarding. Because of this, I was in a cast for a month, then a walking boot for a month. It seemed almost back to normal until I resprained it in August. Now it is October and my ankle seems to have stopped healing. It looks slightly bruised and slightly swollen when I compare it to my other ankle. Is there anything I can do to help it heal faster? Is walking on it a bad thing? Will icing it prove to be beneficial?
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This Chicago, South Loop & Elmhurst Podiatrist of says…….

Dear Joey,

For your sprained ankle…….assuming that the injury is only a sprain and not more serious, then healing time should be around 6-8 weeks (no longer than 12 weeks)
For now try PRICE
Protect-Wear an ankle brace around the ankle and limit the movements that aggravate it.
Rest-Speaks for itself-perhaps the weekend when you are off-rest it.
Ice- Will help if the ankle is painful and a little with the swelling.
Compress-Ace wrap  or ankle sleeve
Elevate-Will help if the ankle throbs or swells at the end of the day.
Go to our website store at for examples of wraps, sleeves or supports for your ankle-or temporary orthotics for relief-but if no improvement…..
See your local Chicago  Podiatrist who usually can diagnose and take care of the same visit.
Hope This Helps!
Good Luck!
The podiatrists of are specialists in foot & ankle pain.
We are located in Chicago & Elmhurst

Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
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Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
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