Monthly Archives: September, 2012

New Comfortable Fashion Shoes For Women-Driving Shoes

Well it’s about time women moved away from those super high heels to something safer and more comfortable. The new fall fashion are “driving shoes“-which resemble ballet flats-but are dressier. These shoes are not without problems for women-since they will likely produce new Achilles tendon & plantar fasciitis symptoms. This will be due to the …

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Subject:Recent Foot Surgery; Fusion 4th and 5th Metatarsal with Bone Graft

Question: I just had (four weeks out) a fusion of the 4th and 5th foot metatarsals with a bone graft from my knee.  This is the second time.  The first time, there was no bone graft, and it failed.  After the first foot surgery, the original surgeon said to be non weight bearing for six …

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