Foot Pain Following Fifth Metatarsal Surgery

Dear Elizabeth,
This Chicago Podiatrist located in West Loop 60661,Roscoe Village 60618,Elmhurst 60126 & Bartlett 60103 says…
For your foot pain….
Sometimes after surgery a nerve may get trapped in the healing scar. The nerve may be freed up surgically or deadened with an alcohol injection. Sometimes after surgery there may be something irritating in the surgical site-perhaps a screw or bone chip. Your best bet is to go get a second opinion locally. For now-your podiatrist should be empathetic—and perhaps modify your orthotic- maybe make a pocket for the fifth metatarsal head-so it bears less weight. You are welcome to see us for a second opinion. We are foot & ankle second opinion specialists at the Kudos on the weight-watchers! Stick with it. Do pool aerobics-which should be O.K. for your foot and help you be fit.

Regards,     Dr George Tsatsos & Associates. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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