Should I do a TendoAchilles Lengthening?

Subject: TendoAchilles Lengthening
Question: After a car accident in 2005 my right ankle was turned sideways 90 degrees with no major broken bones or torn ligaments and was snapped back in place within 24 hrs.  In 2006 I had ankle surgery that cleaned and smoothed the horizontal front – top of ankle leg bone joint (approximately located above where a shoe lace is tied) This increased my foot’s range of motion from front to rear. In 2013 have lost some of the range due to arthritis build-up in the joint limiting movement. Most noticed when walking up stairs or on an incline have to pivoted my right foot outward. Arthoscopic surgery is pending to clean-up the joint to increase the foot range of motion. I am not in any pain. At the same time there has been discussion about loosening a tight(?) right leg calf muscle. I am an active 57 years old man, non-runner, not in pain.  Looking at three staples in my calf and two extra weeks on crutches plus PT. My question is:

What are the pro’s, con’s and non-surgical option(s)for the calf loosening surgery?   

My raised ankle is tight only in front not back by my heel or back of the leg.  I really do not want the calf muscle touched and can push myself with Physical Therapy and through pain. Please advise.  Thank you.

Answer: Dear W,

This Chicago Podiatrist, Elmhurst Podiatrist & West Loop Podiatrist says…….
For your calf loosening surgery.
Get a second opinion from a Board Certified Podiatrist who does calf surgery. Sometimes a heel lift can help. A tight calf may be stretched over a period of several months.
If you are unable to bend your whole foot past fifteen degrees with your knee locked-but can with your knee bent-maybe consider the TendoAchilles Lengthening surgery
Good Luck!
The podiatrists of are specialists in foot & ankle orthopedics & sports injuries.

Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
Podiatrist Chicago 60618 & Elmhurst 60126 Podiatrists
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
New South Loop Location-Chicago 60661

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