Is toe numbness being caused by my bunion

I have a bunion on my right big toe and have had it for several years.  Last week, the tip and side of my big toe went numb and it is really annoying. Are the two related?  Is the numbness being caused by the bunion?  I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to cause the  numbness.  Should I see my orthopedic doctor?
This Chicago Podiatrist, Elmhurst Podiatrist & South Loop Podiatrist says…….
The numbness of the big toe may be related to the bunion. As the toe drifts–sometimes the nerve on the bottom of the big toe gets “pinched”.
Try a Board Certified Podiatrist over an Orthopedist.
To be Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery as a podiatrist -you need to submit 75 surgical cases for review.
To be Board Certified in Surgery as an orthopedist -you need to submit 10-12 foot & ankle surgical cases for review.
I submitted over 150 cases to be Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics.
Good Luck
Hope This Helps

Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
Podiatrist Chicago 60618 & Elmhurst 60126 Podiatrists
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
New South Loop Location-Chicago 60661

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