Update on Jon Jones Open Fracture of the Big Toe

These kind of open toe phalangeal fractures can be an infection problem and depending on the amount of breakage, tough to fix. The pieces of bone usually are put together like a jig-saw puzzle-depending on the size & condition of the bone fragments of the big toe. Sometimes additional bone may be needed for a graft to fill in any defects after the repair. It’s also possible that the doctors may fuse (join) the 2 phalanges of the big toe.
An experienced surgeon, like the ones at AnkleNFootCenters.com, have treated these kind of complicated fractures with good results. The treatment Jon received was much less than optimal. An open wound like that needs immediate treatment-not a Press conference. Also these kind of repairs need to be planned and not done in an E.R.
An E.R is to save lives-not perform complicated podiatric surgery.
I’m sure our docs have seen and fixed more of these kind of fractures than the E.R. doc-just like he/she has saved more lives than us
Jon-make sure your doc is great! If not-come see us.
At best-he may return at 2-3 months-but expect more like 4+ months before Jon Jones return to fighting.
Good Luck!

Dr George Tsatsos is Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics. Red Belt in Shidokan Karate &  Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Advanced Skiier & open water diver & specializes in injuries to athletes

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