Get Your Feet Prepped for Sandal Season

Did you know that up to 33 million Americans suffer from onychomycosis? What is onychomycosis? It’s the obvious thickening and yellowing of the nail and it can produce additional discomfort such as ingrown nails and lead to infections such as athlete’s foot and bacterial infections.

We here an Ankle N Foot centers are committed to try to treat nail fungus in a more cost effective and safe method. Up until now, topicals and medications were the method to remove nail fungus. However, those methodologies do not penetrate and medications have side effects.

We use the latest revolutionary lasers on the market. Lasers that have been used to treat onychomycosis in Europe for several years are now here in the Americas. If you have any questions about laser treatment for toe nail fungus don’t hesitate to contact us at or one of our several locations:

West Loop – 312.612.5000

Roscoe Village – 773.348.7500

Elmhurst – 630.530.5757

Bartlett – 630.530.5757

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