Feet Hurting After Running? See a Ankle N Foot Centers Today!

Are your feet hurting after the Get Lucky race this past weekend in Chicago?  Don’t ignore your foot pain!  See a podiatrist to help you treat it!

Runners can experience a variety of injuries but there are some injuries that runners are prone to developing.  I’ve previously discussed in past blogs common running injuries like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, neuroma and stress fracture.  But those aren’t the only injuries runners develop.

One of the less talked about running injuries is a condition called “sesamoiditis.”  Sesamoiditis is inflammation of the sesamoids which are two small bones under the big toe joint.  The sesamoid bones help provide leverage for better propulsion of the big toe.  If repetitive pressure is placed on the ball of the foot, such as with running, you can cause the sesamoid bones to become inflamed.  Runners with a high arch are more susceptible to developing sesamoiditis.

Treatment for sesamoiditis can be as simple as applying ice, using anti-inflammatory such as Advil, and resting the area for 7-10 days.  If pain persists when you start running again, then you should see a podiatrist.  At Ankle N Foot Centers, we try to resolve the pain by distributing pressure more evenly to the bottom of the foot by using orthotics with your running shoes.  Orthotics are custom inserts that can fit comfortably in your shoes and is a natural way to resolve pain.

If you have foot pain after running that is not resolving with treatment at home, then you need to call Ankle N Foot Centers for an appointment. We have multiple locations in the Chicagoland area:

West Loop

225 South Jefferson St

Chicago, IL 60661


Roscoe Village

2220 W Belmont Ave

Chicago, IL 60618



401 N.York St.

Elmhurst, IL 60126



321 West Railroad Ave

Bartlett, IL 60103


Our board certified doctors can help resolve your pain and get you back to running quickly and safely in no time! Visit Ankle N Foot Centers today!

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