Making Strides

Get more out of running with gait analysis by your podiatrist. In theory, running should be simple: Put on comfortable clothes. Tie shoes. Start running. But if you’re a runner that is tired of chronic injuries, like forefoot pain or shin splints, or one that is trying to accelerate to the next level, consider having a gait analysis done by a podiatrist. 


Gait analysis usually consists of watching the client in standing, walking and — for runners and other athletes — running positions. The doctors at Ankle N Foot Centers recommend that runners have their gait analyses done in environments similar to where they train, e.g., on a treadmill or outside. (If you’re an outdoor runner, try to find an area that simulates the type of ground on which you normally run; changing surfaces can increase your chance of injury and will also change your form and gait.) The podiatrist will look for the unique quality of how your foot meets the ground, and how those forces are transmitted up through the rest of your body.

We use video and/or software to help with gait analysis. At Ankle N Foot Centers, with five convenient locations throughout the Chicagoland area, our doctors have set up a gait lab to analyze clients.

There are several outcomes from gait analysis that benefit runners:

  • Gait analysis can help clinicians recommend the proper running shoe. Gait analysis can help clinicians recommend the proper running shoe for your anatomy and stride. Choosing the right shoe is a key part of proper training and injury prevention. Knowing your specific running style and type of foot anatomy can lead to shoes that are less likely to lead to shin splints, plantar fasciitis and a plethora of other foot and lower extremity issues.
  • Gait analysis can determine whether orthotics or shoe inserts would be beneficial. Most running shoes include removable insoles, allowing runners to add customized orthotics or shoe inserts, which can stabilize your foot even more and reduce your chance of injury. (Learn more about orthotics from our site.)
  • Gait analysis can identify running abnormalities that can be corrected with proper exercise and/or stretching. Between stretching and strengthening underused muscles and correcting their running form, runners can reduce their chance of injury. In addition, such corrections can help athletes run more efficiently and improve their speed and running mechanics for better performance.

Come get a gait analysis done today at one of our locations!

Ankle N Foot Centers
225 South Jefferson St
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Phone: 312-612-5000
Ankle N Foot Centers
1810 W Chicago Ave 
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: 312-612-5000
Ankle N Foot Centers
2220 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Phone: 773-348-7500
Ankle N Foot Centers
401 N. York Street 
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
Phone: 630-530-5757
Ankle N Foot Centers
321 West Railroad Ave
Bartlett, Illinois 60103
Phone: 630-530-5757

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