What’s best when it comes to buying new running shoes?

Q: What are some of the main things that I should think of before purchasing a new pair of running shoes? I ask because sometimes, I run on hard surfaces, while other times I’ll jog on uneven, cricket ground.
Do you know which brands and types might be good for me? Can you offer any advice?

A: This orthopedic podiatrist located in Chicago’s West Loop (60661,) Roscoe Village (60618,) Elmhurst (60126) and Bartlett (60103) says…
To select running shoes, you first need to determine in the store which shoes will give you the most cushioning and best fit. Anytime I seek advice on a personal product, I always test the product before making the purchase.
Keep in mind that a certain brand may work for one person better than it does for another. When you are shopping – and you should consider buying your shoes at a running store, there are plenty to choose form in the city and the suburbs — ask the person at the shoe store for three recommended shoes. Try them on in the store for a minimum of five to six minutes each. Many running stores also have a treadmill in-house where you can try out the shoes, or they might even let you run around a little on the street or sidewalk outside the store.
Look for shoes that fit comfortably, and try one brand of shoe on one foot and a different shoe on the other foot. Your feet will make the decision for you. And remember – make your decision based on comfort and cushioning, not on shoe color!

Go for a shoe that’s a little stiff in the heel, breathes well and flexes at the ball of the foot and not at the arch – these are generally signs of a good shoe.
I hope this helps and good luck!

Ankle N Foot Center docs & staff

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