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If gray is part of your toenail anatomy, it may be a sign of a fungal infection

Q: For as long as I can remember, the nails on both my big toes have had a gray discoloration. I can scrape it off with a file, and then it looks white and healthy again. It’s not dirt because it doesn’t wash off, and none of the other toes have this. Do you know …

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Toenail Fungus Is Common, But Lasers Can Zap the Problem

If you’ve noticed your toenails gradually growing thick or yellow or crumbling at the tip, there’s a chance you have a fungal infection. You’re not alone. Up to 33 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus, and in addition to obvious thickening, streaking or yellowing of the nail, it can also lead to ingrown nails or …

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Metatarsalgia May Mimic Morton’s Neuroma in Runners: IL Podiatrist

According to podiatrist George Tsatsos, DPM, “While pain between the third and fourth toes may sound very much like a Morton’s neuroma, it may in fact be metatarsalgia, which mimics it. This condition is caused by a metatarsal head which is a little lower than the other four heads and receives more ‘banging’ when running.” “A …

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