Metatarsalgia May Mimic Morton’s Neuroma in Runners: IL Podiatrist

According to podiatrist George Tsatsos, DPM, “While pain between the third and fourth toes may sound very much like a Morton’s neuroma, it may in fact be metatarsalgia, which mimics it. This condition is caused by a metatarsal head which is a little lower than the other four heads and receives more ‘banging’ when running.” “A true Morton’s neuroma is painful with tight shoes and relief is obtained almost immediately by removing the shoe and rubbing the affected area. If your shoes are not tight, think metatarsalgia. If the forefoot is tight, get a wider pair of shoes. A good pair of orthotics may help. A cortisone injection may help. A precise diagnosis will help the most,” says Dr. Tsatsos, of the AnkleNFootCenters in Chicago

Source: Running & Fit News [November/December 2014]

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