Can Acupuncture Help Heal Heel Pain?

Q: Last fall, I developed heel pain (plantar faciitis,) probably from wearing cheap running shoes on pavement. I had this once before in the same foot, and an X-ray revealed a small heel spur.

Since then, I’ve used a night sock to eliminate morning stiffness, while three cortisone shots killed most of the pain. My doctor says I have to wait a few months to get another shot if I need it.

Now, I can only walk for a few minutes and can’t run, so it’s really limiting my ability to exercise.

I wanted to try acupuncture — it worked well for a knee meniscus tear — but a clinic I called recommended I start with shock wave therapy.

What do you think?

A: This orthopedic podiatrist located in Chicago’s West Loop (60661,) Roscoe Village (60618,) Elmhurst (60126) and Bartlett (60103) says…

For your heel pain, see a podiatrist and find out the biomechanical cause of your plantar fasciitis. The spur is evidence of the heel pain, not the cause. The cause may be obesity, tight calves, a change in shoes or more. For example, a simple heel lift will alleviate the pain if it’s tight calves. Orthotics will work for low arches and diet is needed if the pain is the result of weight gain.

The podiatrists at Ankle and Foot Centers are experts in treating this issue. Come see us at one of our locations in the West Loop, Roscoe Village, Elmhurst or Bartlett if you need help.

For now, skip the shock wave therapy and acupuncture until you know the cause. Then treat the cause, not the pain.

We hope this helps, and good luck!

For more information, visit!

Ankle N Foot Centers docs & staff

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