Ankle and Foot Centers Is Featured in May 2015 Edition of Nail Pro Magazine!

The cover story in the just-released issue of Nail Pro magazine is about pedicures, and the doctors and staff at Ankle and Foot Centers are proud to announce that our director, Dr. George Tsatsos, and a member of our staff, Leigh Andrea, are featured in a story about medical pedicures.

Take a look at the story by clicking here.

What is a medical mani-pedi? It’s a service we offer at our Roscoe Village and Elmhurst locations. Basically, it’s a safer, sterile, salon-style treatment that will leave your fingers and toes looking great without the risk of spreading disease or fungus.

All of our instruments go through a multi-step sterilization process, and are treated like any other surgical instruments.

All our mani-pedi tools such as nail files, buffers and tub liners are single-use only.
In addition, our mani-pedis have they following benefits:

• They’re sanitary with very low risk of fungal, bacterial and viral infection

• The process is sterile — Instruments are autoclaved and never re-used on another person

• It’s a relaxing, yet safe treatment that includes also includes an exfoliating scrub and callous removal

• The service is finished with polish in the latest colors and natural, anti-fungal products are used and available

For more information about this service, visit our website at or buy our Groupon and try one for yourself!

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