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Easy Ways to Avoid Running Injuries

The prevailing attitude of many exercisers is that injuries are a normal part of running, and most injuries just magically appear. “Not so,” says Dr. George Tsatsos, Medical Director of the Clinics in Chicago. “Research clearly shows that the majority of injuries can be tracked to a certain cause—such as over-training—and with little planning …

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Is heel pain in kids just a ‘growing pain,’ or a bigger problem?

Q: My 10-year-old godson is pretty active, but has a significant increase in physical activity and running during football season. He’s fine during practices and games, but after he stops running, he has sudden pain in the back of his left ankle, the Achilles tendon area. It’s tender when pressed upon and painful when he …

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Can you walk on a fractured foot?

Hello Dr. George, Recently, I had bad landing while sky diving. Due to very bad weather, I landed backwards and on my heels, now my ankle doesn’t look good. I can walk without any problems, the only pain I have is on heel when I try to move my foot downwards and upwards. Maybe you …

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