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Toenail Fungus Is Common, But Lasers Can Zap the Problem

If you’ve noticed your toenails gradually growing thick or yellow or crumbling at the tip, there’s a chance you have a fungal infection. You’re not alone. Up to 33 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus, and in addition to obvious thickening, streaking or yellowing of the nail, it can also lead to ingrown nails or …

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Give the gift of health this holiday with a medical mani-pedi!

Here’s a scary fact when it comes to your nails – there are nearly 50,000 nail salons across the United States, and because there’s so many, it’s hard to know what’s happening inside each one. Sure, there are disinfection standards at the state level and inspectors whose job is catching violations, but in some places, …

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Do nails at risk of falling off need nurturing by a doctor, or should nature take its course?

Q: About a week ago, I fell off of a bike, and when I looked at my toenail afterward, it was attached but it had a crease near the base that looked like the nail had bent up and come back down. The whole nail was a dull light blue color and now, seven days …

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