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High Heels that Made News For Getting Woman Banned at Cannes Can Be Harmful to Foot Health

It was dubbed “flatgate” by the media. While celebrities and fashion routinely make news, during last month’s Cannes Film Festival in France, the Hollywood Reporter to CNN to USA Today jumped all over reports that some women were turned away from a gala premiere. The reason? They weren’t wearing high heels. “Multiple guests, some older …

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How to Get Your Feet Ready For Get Lucky 7K or Half Marathon

Though it might be frightfully cold out there, running season is about to kick off in the next few weeks. Are you ready? Whether you’re running in the 7K or half marathon Get Lucky event, it’s important that you take care of your feet during your training.  Many people experience foot or ankle pain that …

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#Madonna Foot Injury- Dancing with High Heels

Chicago Podiatrists at AnkleNFootCenters.com treat successfully metatarsalgia & other bone bruises of the foot. The podiatrists have perfected treatment protocols to be able to recognize the specific cause of the foot pain. For example-if the pain is due to foot structure, perhaps modified orthotics would. Physical therapy may also be indicated for the bruised foot. …

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